Thursday, October 16, 2008

200th post Give-Away

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Well I guess it's not quite time for Christmas but someone sure is going to look good doing their Holiday baking if they are the winner of this give-away. I am giving away this cute candy cane apron that I made, it might not be perfect but it was made with love.

Now for the rules of the contest:

1. You must tell a favorite Christmas tradition or perhaps a holiday recipe.

2. You must tell at least your first name, just in case I don't know who you are.

3. All entries must be received by 12:00am Friday.

The winner will be announced Saturday Morning.

Good Luck everyone and I hope this helps brighten someones holiday.

This is also my Finished Object Friday post. Go on over to Chari's blog and see more finished objects.


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Charity said...

I love it!! The ruffle makes the apron.

Hmm... favorite Christmas tradition? Do I have to just pick one? Well... I love the Christmas "program" that our church does every year. Everyone brings a "gift" to Jesus - a song, reading, poem, story etc. I also love the music, baking, lights... What can I say? "It's the Most Wonderful Time..." :)

Rusty said...

Such a cute apron, but don't put my name in the hat. I know that you are making me one anyway. I am so excited that you are getting into sewing. Keep up the good work, both sewing and blogging.
Love, Mom

McCarthy's said...

I have many favorite traditions. Cutting the tree with the family is one and checking out as many Christmas stories as I can and reading one to the kids every night in the days leading up to christmas. I think its fun having all the give- aways. Count me in,
Love, Holly

Brittany said...

What a cute apron! You did a great job with it. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the Christmas music. It doesn't seem like it's Christmas time until we pull out the old Statler's Brothers cassette tape, and Alabama of course. :) And I always love my great aunt's home made dressing, made with home made cornbread. (sorry, not sure of the recipe!)Mmmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...

Tammy said...

What a cute apron! I LOVE it!Please put my name in the hat!
Our christmas tradition began on our first christmas as a married couple. On christmas eve, we sit down together and read in the christmas story in the Bible together (sometimes Matthew's account, sometimes Luke's) then we pray together, thanking the LORD for HIS blessings during the year and asking for HIS continued blessing in the upcoming year. This is our favorite tradition, one we have never broken. I love reading your blog. It is very encouraging.

Amanda said...

Hi Melissa! Christmas tradition... humm.. Well, we love to make ginger bread men. This tradition started when many years ago I decorated my christmas tree with gingerbread men and stringed candy. That was fun, especially when my 7 month old pulled a man off the tree and ate it.

I love to read your blog. You do such a good job at keeping it up and interesting.

Jennifer Truitt said...

Cute apron Melissa! One of my favorite traditions is decorating sugar cookies for Christmas. I have done this as long as I can remember. For the past few years my kids have started joining in on the fun! Another favorite tradition is getting up VERY early on Christmas morning to open presents! :)

Dorae Crowe said...

What a cute apron! Please put my name in the hat.
Melissa, this is Dorae. I love to read your blog! Congratulations on your little one! Sure would love to sit and chat with you for a while.
My favorite Christmas tradition is to just be with my family! And Christmas music; songs that bring back great memories...
Take care!

RicKaren said...

12pm whose time? It might be 12 there, but is only 11 here! I love everything that makes Christmas what it is, but I think that a few days after thanksgiving when we drag out all the decorations is one of the best. We spend the whole day just decorating and listening to carols. We don't even have regular meals...just snack when we get hungry and we don't worry about the mess we are making either! My girls and I LOVE this day!
I enjoy reading your blog. You do so well with it and with your projects.

Marcus and Julie said...

I think that I am late!! don't have to include me in the drawing but I will still include a favorite tradition. Marcus and I get the tree out and decorate it while listening to some Christmas music, then we make some chili and eat it and then sit and cuddle with just the tree lights on!!! What great memories!
Cute apron by the way!

Jennifer said...

I know I'm too late, but I'll just give leave my comments. I guess my favorite Christmas tradition would be decorating the tree. (Joel usually has the honors of either putting the tree up or putting lights on it if we have a real one.) He does all the work and I get to have fun. Listening to Christmas music and burning spice candles make the season so much fun.By the way, the apron sure is cute:) Are you sure you can't break your rules? My dog ate my computer mouse. Just kidding.