Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Small Wonders Wednesday

 Yesterday the duo turned 6 months...Wow, so hard to believe.   They are such a joy!
 Blake is our mover,  he rolls everywhere and is trying to scoot/crawl.   He is also our giggle box,  laughing is one of his favorite things to do.   He loves his Mommy but if Daddy is around he could care less about Mommy. 
Brenna is our bald headed grinning girl,  she does not laugh all the time like her brother but she grins about everything.   She is not a mover, Oh, she can roll over but she would rather not use up her energy to do so.   She loves Mommy too but likes most anybody that will hold her and walk around.

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RicKaren said...

....and they both have beautiful eyes.