Monday, June 3, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

 And this is why I missed Fantastic Friday post,  I got so deep in my cleaning and organizing (finding a home for all the baby food) that I completely forgot about it. happens sometimes.   And if you are wondering my kitchen does not always look like this in fact just shortly after this was taken it was spotless.   (There is even spot a can of Chalkboard paint...projects must get done)
 The duo has ventured into the world of baby food, rice cereal and even a drink from a sippy cup.  And I am happy to report they are doing great with it and Love it.
 Piper told me "Your pretty smart,  you can feed to babies at one time."   At times I have two handed it.  It takes skills to have twins.  SMILE!
Even Piper is getting in on the action,  Blake does not care who is feeding him as long as you don't make him wait. 


June Robinson said...

Sniff, sniff, all the pictures just make me miss them more and more!

RicKaren said...

How fun! We are starting very slowly with the baby food here, as little man has food allergies. =(

Charity said...

So fun!!! Yummy, yummy!!

June Robinson said...

Melissa you need to block chidmma. They are from Nigeria and are probably a spammer.