Friday, June 14, 2013

Fantastic Friday

We are sure enjoying our summertime,  warm temps and sunny days.  I have been using my cleaning schedule and it has been helping me have time to enjoy my kiddos and do fun things like this.
 Miss Brenna's first time in a swing,  she enjoyed it very much.
 Mr. Blake's first time in a swing,  he loved it too.
And of course the big sister always enjoys swinging,  especially if you will push her really high.  
Well it looks like a beautiful weekend ahead of us,  I am hosting Father's Day lunch at my house on I will be kept very busy for the next few days.      Hope each one of you has a fantastic Friday and entire weekend.


June Robinson said...

Love the pics.

June Robinson said...
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The Dickinsons said...

Cute pics!

Have a great weekend!


RicKaren said...

Fun pictures! I am loving that summer is here and the baby can be outside! Happy Weekend!