Friday, June 21, 2013

Fantastic Friday

This past Saturday Eric took Piper on a date to a Fly - In.   Piper has inherited her Dad's love for airplanes and flying.   We did not tell her about it because it was supposed to rain and we did not want to disappoint her.   So when Eric woke her up and asked her if she wanted to go eat pancakes and see airplanes she was thrilled.

 This plane says "Flying Station Wagon".   That is what we would need to haul our kids and luggage, or maybe a flying bus. 
 Piper loves the fact that she shares her name with an airplane,  so of course she had to get her picture taken with a Piper.
Eric's friend George owns this plane and let Piper sit in it,  that made her day. 
  I love that Eric takes time to have "date" time with his little girl ~  she will treasure those memories forever.   


June Robinson said...

So sweet. I love her rain boots!

Brittany said...

So fun! I've got a few little airplane lovers too :) I love her dress and boots!

Charity said...

What a fun day with her daddy!! She's such a doll!!