Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Small Wonders Wednesday

Today I do not have a product for you to see,  I just have a few pictures of my "Small Wonders."  

 Blake and Brenna turned 5 months on May 25,  so hard to believe.
 I just love my talkative, smiley, roller ~ Blake Levi.   He had figured out how to roll and can get himself in some pretty crazy places. 
 My sweet kiddo's,  so thankful God has allowed me to be their Mommy.    Piper Jaylin, my beautiful, full of life and questions, always a princess ~ who wants to be a mechanic when she grows up...4 year old.
Brenna Joy,  the smiling, snuggling, to lazy to roll over little girl.   She is a roly poly sweetheart.


June Robinson said...

Love my babies, one and all!

Sonia said...

Such sweethearts! Cute pictures!!!

The Dickinsons said...

Love these pictures! Your 3 kiddos are so cute. I can't believe how big your twins are getting. Adorable!


Brittany said...

So cute! Love their sweet little outfits!