Saturday, June 20, 2009

Parade Time...

We took Piper to her first parade today, the small town of Birmingham, IA had there annual Homecoming Days parade. The above picture is a friend of ours Corey (his Dad works at the farm) he fixed this tractor up for a 4H project.
Eric took and 1206 Wheatland and drove it in the parade, it is newly painted and fixed up.
This is a friend of ours Mike and his nephew on Mike's green tractor, still working on him to get a red one.
Miss Piper was enjoying watching all the action, tractors and kids jumping around trying to get some candy. She acted like she was having a great time.
Enjoying time with her cousin Aaron Blauvelt from Arizona. We had a great time at the Homecoming Days just hanging out and having family time. Hope all of you have a wonderful Fathers Day.

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