Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cheers for the Red, White & Blue...

Would you look at the rolls on Miss America. I believe she needs "Diet" formula. I had a great time taking Piper's pictures today, she is getting to be a very fun subject.
Making Mommies porch look extra good. Mommy is working on making it look nice.

Yummy fingers, care for a bite?

Oh, the lazy dayz of summer, aren't they the greatest.
I did not put her hand like this, it was totally her own pose.

Just hanging out waiting on Mommy to get just the right angle.

Miss Cutie Pie!

Wagons Ho!
Well I hope you have enjoyed this little photo session of Miss Piper. I am sure you can find a new background for your computer Modge & Grumpy, there are plenty to choose from this time.


Charity said...

So cute!! I love the "Lazy Days" one with her hand posing!! So precious!!

(Did I beat Modge??) :)

June Robinson said...

Please send all the new pics to W-M for me. I need some new ones for my fridge!

Amanda said...

Very cute Melissa. I'm sure you are VERY proud of that sweet little girl of yours.

Sure miss you guys, though I don't think we talked all too much! :) Hope all is going well.

Brittany said...

Adorable! Great pics!