Friday, June 26, 2009

5 months already?

Sweet baby Piper, I can't believe you are five months old already, the time has flown by so quickly. We thank God everyday for letting us be your Mommy & Daddy, you bring such joy to each day.

One month old.

You are such a good natured baby always ready to giggle and smile. Your laughter is very contagious, we can't help but laugh when you do.

Two months old.

You have been such a good baby, we never had to experience sleepless nights and long crying spells. You love to lay down in your bed and go to sleep by yourself and now you "talk" to your toys just trying to keep yourself awake.
Three months old.

You love to eat, so far you have not turned down any food. Applesauce, peaches, peas, greenbeans and squash, you love it all. I sure hope you continue not to be picky.

Four months old.

You have your grandparents wrapped around your finger, they think you are the greatest.

Five months old.

You are the apple of Daddy & Mommy's eye and we love you so very much.
Thank you God for giving us this special blessing, we pray that you will help
us to raise her to love you. We love you Piper Jaylin, Happy Five month birthday.


Charity said...

She's growing so fast! Happy 5 months, Piper!!

Robbie said...

Piper is so beautiful. I enjoy looking at your blog. Watch out before you know it she'll be walking. Its amazing how fast babies grow. All the pictures are great. Piper is a wonderful blessing from God.

June Robinson said...

Isn't she the sweetest there ever was. She is growing so fast and is so pretty. Can't wait fro vacation.

Grumpy said...

Miss Piper is a sweetheart like me!