Friday, June 19, 2009

Finished Object Friday

Good for me, I finally have a finished object to share. I have been trying to make my porch look "homey" and so I decided the chair needed a pillow(the chair also needs painted, got the paint today) and so out came the fabric I have been saving for just the right occasion. I just love the way it turned out, I bought a pillow form at Wal-Mart and just cut my fabric a few inches bigger and sewed it together. I made the back out of two pieces of denim and put hidden snaps to keep it closed. Sorry the back picture came up first, but I just can't figure out how to post pictures in the right order.
I think it turned out pretty good for about a 30 minute project and it really adds to the porch.
Miss Piper helps with the decor too. Go on over to the Chari Tree for some more Finished Objects and check out Chari's cool tote bags. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


June Robinson said...

Very cute and homey. Like it!

Charity said...

Very cute! ...and patriotic! I need more patriotic decor. Guess I should make some, huh? :)

Brittany said...

Love your pillow - you're right, it's very homey! But Miss Piper is the cutest decoration, hands down! :)

Tammy said...

Definitely adds to the porch! Especially with that pretty baby!