Monday, June 15, 2009

Messy but Quiet...

I might have a messy living room but it sure is quiet around here. The kids have played hard all morning and now they are having nap time and I am having some "me" time.
Little Miss Piper sleeping with her rabbit, what a little princess.

Mr. Keagan, napping quietly in his "cage."

And last but not lest, Payton. The big sister and my big helper.
It might look like a tornado went through my house for a few hours two days a week but at least
I have happy kids.


Charity said...

Looks like my house today! I didn't babysit until this afternoon though - until about thirty minutes ago. I'm pooped!

The highlight of the day was the tick in Faithie's hair! But if I had to pull one out, she would be my choice for the "victim." She laid there for me with an "ouch" every now and then. Such a little trouper.

Gracie was my helper - she read/quoted a book for Faithie and ran and got the medicine for me. :)

Baby was either happy and smiling big, or mad because I wasn't feeding her RIGHT THEN, or I had the nerve to leave the room. :)

Whew. What a day!

June Robinson said...

Sweet! Love to see all the little munchkins asleep. Squeeze my precious Piper for me.