Friday, June 13, 2008

Tornado or Strong Wind...

Yesterday evening was quite scary for me, our weather radio went off and said a tornado was heading towards the area of Jefferson County where we live. I called Eric and told him about it and then I went to the basement. There was lots of wind and rain but never any noise like you hear about. When it was over and I called Eric he told me the big grain bin by the shop was gone. I found out that he was in the shop at the time it happened, thank God he was OK. We only lost some tree limbs and one apple tree at our house.
The bin and a "river" of water. I was standing in the doorway of the shop taking this picture, so you can see how close it was to Eric and Merlin.

The roof of the bin.

A wall and part of the roof were either blown away or on top of the tractor. This was at the machine shed at Merlin's house.

Here is what the bin did look like. This was taken last summer, Candice was climbing it.


Marcus and Julie said...

So thankful that everyone is ok. These storms are terrible. If you've been to my blog you've seen the damage that it has done at the base were Marcus is right now.
Thank God that he protected you and your family.

Candles said...

Wow...that is awful!!! I had heard on the news about the tornados and heavy rain and I thought about y'all. I wasn't sure if it was close to you. Thank God y'all are alright!