Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Sights

Well I am back. I thought that once I was not keeping Payton (her mom had a baby and will be off 8 weeks) my life would slow down but I was wrong. Saturday and Monday I worked with my mother in-law and when I got home last night I mowed the yard. But today it is raining again so I guess I'll stay inside and relax. Anyway I thought you might want to see some of the sight we have seen in the last few days. We saw this turtle on the dirt road by our house the other day, he was covered in slime, moss and slugs. Yuck!
I have a great husband! He took me to a field just down from our house and helped my pick these daisies. I just love them, they are my favorite flower and they look so good on the kitchen counter. Thank you Eric for doing this with me.
And last of all a pic of Payton in her new shirt. I am planning on going to see them this week, and will take some pictures.


Charity said...

Cute pictures! boy, that turtle is slimy! :) I love the daisies too! Did you make Payton's shirt? If so, how?

Michelle said...

The flowers are so pretty. Are you going to be keeping the new baby as well? That will be a handful huh? I saw on Heidi's blog that your mom and dad went on a cruise with them.....boy did that look nice.

Melissa said...

To answers everyones questions, no I did not make Payton's shirt, her grandma did. And yes I will be keeping the new baby too.