Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iowa Tractorcade

Well,you city folks miss out on exciting things like tractor rides going through your neighborhood. Yesterday the tractorcade came through Fairfield and down the road past our street. I was coming home from town and got stuck behind the first group, what is usually a 10 to 12 minute drive took me 40 minutes. You got to love country people. Well anyway it was alot of fun sitting at the end of the road watching them go by. They said there were about 460 tractors and they had them divided into seven groups, we did not watch them all.

That's me in the car at the end of the line, going 10 mph or less the whole way home.
One just happened to need some work. And Eric was able to grab some tools
from the shop and help out.
Ladies, how about this laundry dryer. I don't think Eric would drive around like this.

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Rusty said...

Very Cool! I love the pic of Eric working on the tractor. I know he thought that was fun. I'm so glad you are safe and the tornado did not hit your house. Take pics of the grain bin for Candice.