Thursday, June 5, 2008

Keegan Brother

I went to visit Shawna, Payton and Keegan brother today.(Payton likes to call him that.) He is such a sweet little thing, she said he is a very good baby and he has the quietest cry. I had fun holding him and playing with Payton so Mommy could take a shower. Payton doesn't quite understand why she had to be so gentle, she tries to "push" the swing and all kinds of other things.

Here is my big girl in her "Bling-Bling" glasses. She was so happy to see me and kept asking if she could go to my house, I am going to take her for the day next week. Eric is having Payton withdrawals, it is amazing how these little ones grow on you. Well I guess I'd better get off here and get some house work done. Ugh!

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Rusty said...

He looks so sweet. I know you had a great time holding him. Payton is a crazy as ever!
Did you know that today is NATIONAL DONUT DAY? Hurry on down to your favorite Krispy Kreme and you will get a free donut!