Friday, December 21, 2012

Days 19, 20 & 21

 Due to internet problems I am just now able to post our past few days.  Wednesday evening Eric had  a meeting so Piper and I did puzzles,  I think she had almost everyone of her puzzles done by the time I got the border done on mine.
 Thursday we awoke to a white world.  With her blanket and messy bed head Piper had to check out the snow.  It was not a beautiful snow fall, it was more like blizzard conditions with whiteouts and 30-50 mile an hour winds.  
 I did manage to lean out the front door and grab this shot,  pretty.
Today the wind died down and so Piper got bundled up and went out to play for awhile.  I would like to go play with her but my husband has told me not to go out, he does not want me to fall and I don't want to either.   Hope you all are doing well and all your Christmas activities are going just as planned.


Charity said...

Brrr!!! That looks cold! But so very pretty!!!

The Dickinsons said...

Loved seeing this post. The snow looks so long as one could be INSIDE looking out. =)

Fun pics. Our family is trying to put together a 1,500 piece puzzle...maybe your little girl should come and help us. =)


Brittany said...

Cute pics! I'll just enjoy the snow through your pics ;) My little guys would love for it to snow here, but I'm just fine with this nice warm weather! =)