Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Day 7, 8 & 9

 WooHoo, our internet seems to be working again.  So back to our days of Christmas post. 
Friday night we had Payton and Keagan spend the night,  Piper was one excited little girl,  she loves having them come over.  Here the girls are looking at the book and listening to "The Polar Express."

On Saturday we took the three kids to a live animal Christmas play in a town near by.  They loved the fact that this BIG camel walked right by our seats.  They seemed to enjoy the play very much.  Well Piper loved all but the part about King Herod,  it was a little scary for her.
Sunday day 9 was a busy day and on top of it I did not feel well.  So the only picture I took was Lucas the Elf hanging on the mistletoe waiting for someone to kiss him.  


Charity said...

Cute pictures!! I hope you're feeling better! hugs!

The Dickinsons said...

Oh goody! Glad you have internet back. (I was just praying for your internet, and you and your babies this morning. =)

Enjoyed seeing these posts. Fun to have little friends over, and the camel was neat too.

Sorry you've not been feeling too well. Hoping you are better now! =)