Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Day 4

 Loving my "new" wooden box,  I am using it to hold Piper's countdown packages.   I also love the burlap ribbon I found, it adds just the right touch.
Eric came home the other day and told me he had a wooden box for me,  he was cleaning out a shed and found it full of bolts.  He told the guy he was working with "I think my wife would like that."  I love that man!


RicKaren said...

I love your box too, and the ribbon! Isn't it great the way our men learn to recognize the things we like? Thinking of you and the babies alot--we have much in common this Christmas. =)

Brittany said...

What a smart man you have!! ;) That is a really cool box. And I love the ribbon! Where did you find it?

Melissa said...

Brittany, I first saw it at a home decorum store in La but all they had left was on a tree. Then a few weeks ago Eric had surgery and I found one roll in the hospital gift shop, crazy place to find it.

Keren, it is a very different Christmas. Thinking of you as your time gets closer.

The Dickinsons said...

Love your box too. Glad your man "rescued it" for you. =) Funny thing is my man brought me an old wooden box home a few days ago too. I plan on posting about it on one of my days of Christmas. =)


Charity said...

I love your box!!! Very cute idea!