Monday, December 22, 2008

Late again...

Well I am a day late once again in getting the Day's of Christmas picture posted. I have a very good excuse this time, my husband has the camera. I was planning on posting this afternoon but he asked to take the camera with him to work. He wanted to take some pictures of the ice roads(gravel roads), he says he could ice skate from the corner of *Glasgow Rd to the shop if he had a pair of skates. We have had quite the weather this last few weeks, yesterday the temp did not get above one degree and the wind was blowing about 25 Mph. BRRR!!! Well they say we are going to be getting more snow and ice tomorrow, pray that it does not come till late in the afternoon, I have a Dr. appointment in the town about 45 minutes away. They already canceled my appointment for last week, so I probably should go this week. Well enough rambling for one evening, I will try to get the pictures posted sometime tonight.

*Road names included for some who have been here, if you would like to know where I am talking about Please come and visit.

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