Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day's of Christmas...Day 8

Well I got behind on my day's of Christmas but I do have an excuse Prenatal Classes. Sunday afternoon we went to our first class and then back again last night and again next Sunday and Monday. They usually spread it out over a whole month but with the holiday's they are cramming it all into four sessions. We are glad we decided to attend, we have learned many things already. I really meant to have the picture posted first thing this morning but I did not sleep very much last night because of a headache, I did not get around to my photo duties. Well this little Mama better get off the computer and get some lunch for Eric and then get my dishes made for our Church supper tonight. Hopefully we make it there it rained yesterday evening and during the night and then the temp has dropped, so we now have ice and it it supposed to snow this afternoon.

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