Friday, August 1, 2008

Thank You

Thank You to everyone who prayed for our friend Midge. The surgery was a success and the Doctors found no other masses, and they do not feel like she is going to need chemo. I thank the Lord for this wonderful news. Please continue to pray for her as she recovers and for my Mom who spends alot of her time caring for her.
Another news tidbit to brighten you day is that I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat today. That is so exciting, it make it all seem real. The Doctor said everything was looking good, except that I have lost 2 pounds instead of gaining. At this point I am not concerned because I have been eating good and have not been sick. I am just glad I have not gained lot's of weight already.


Candles said...

I'm glad that Midge is doing ok. I was praying for her. That is so awesome that you heard the baby's heartbeat!! How exciting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad everything is going good. I lost 3 pounds after camp, but they said not to worry. So far I have gained about 7 lbs. I love to hear the heartbeat too!