Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Growing up

Happy Birthday to my little Payton. Payton turned three today, it is hard to believe that I started babysitting her when she was just two months old. My how she has changed. I baked her a cake today and she had a lot of fun blowing out the candles and eating the "candy" on top.
One, Two, Three blow!
This is how Keegan spent his time during our celebration. What a party pooper.
Saturday we are going to Payton's birthday party and we will give her our present then.
She did not even ask for a present today, the cake was enough.

Monday night she spent the night with us, that was a first. She asked Eric is he would "bring her out for pizza" and of course he did.


McCarthy's said...

hey girl, cute cake! It is amazing how connected you feel to someone elses kids. I bet these will feel like yours forever which is cool. enjoy your blog, by the way. Love ya, Holly

Candles said...

Oh man! She has grown up sooo much since the last time I saw her! I would love to see her again!

Charity said...

They grow so fast! What a cute cake! (Can I eat one of the presents?) :) I know you are having a blast with those two!