Thursday, August 21, 2008

Making Applesauce

Yesterday I made some wonderful homemade applesauce. I have pictures of most of the steps it takes to make it so I will let them tell the story.
1. Picking the apples, the wagon makes the job more fun.
2. Slicing the apples. Thanks for this handy gadget Mom!
3. Fill the bowl with apples add sugar and cinnamon
and then put in the microwave until very tender.

4. This is the "fun" part, running the cooked apples through the food mill.
5. And finally the finished product, ready to go to the freezer.
It is hard work but when all it cost is time and a bag of sugar it sure beats buying the stuff.

I still have one more bucket of apples in the fridge that have to be done but this little Mommy was to tired to do anymore last night. Come visit me sometime this fall and I will share some of the applesauce with you.


Rusty said...

Save me some! It looks yummy. So glad that you could use the Goodwill special apple peeler. You go GIRL!!!

Charity said...

Yummy! And what a good idea to freeze it! I'll be right there! (I wish!) :)

RicKaren said...

Mmmm!!! Looks yummy!

Tami said...

That sounds so good.