Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunny Days

The last couple of days have been sunny and warmer but very windy. But Payton and I ventured out anyway, I was tired of keeping her in the house.

Here she is posing with my Giraffe "Jeffy." About every week she plays with a different animal and oh the imagination she is developing.
Yesterday we took a walk to the shop, it is about 2 miles away(boy are my legs telling me about it this morning.) She loves to help Eric work.
All dressed up in rubber boots and Melissa's sunglasses what more could you want. Well so much for our nice weather it is supposed to start raining tonight and go on the next couple of days, this does not make the farmers very happy.


Charity said...

Cute pictures! Yay for green grass!!!

Don't they have such an imagination! I was talking to Regina Mon. on the phone and she came across a puddle on her carpet. When she asked her oldest what it was, A. said she was showing Mintzy (imaginary friend) how her cup could pour! :) They are soo funny!

Matt said...

Awww sis she is so cute!

Marcus and Julie said...

Payton is so cute. It looks like you may have your hands full though.
You'll have to check out my blog. I just started it today and am trying to get it all set up.

Melissa said...

Glad you joined the bloggging world Julie. But you gave me the wrong address, you forgot to put moyer at the end.