Friday, April 11, 2008

My shabby chic room

Well we now have a very nice guest room, if any of you would like to come a visit. I just love the way it turned out, thanks Mom for finding the quilt and pillows. I think this room will become my new retreat, the soft colors and shabby chic style are so relaxing and comforting. Here is a view of the bed, I don't know if I care for the bookcase here but it will have to do for now.
It is kinda hard to see the teacup on the shelf but it has little pink roses on it and matches so good.
This picture is of my Grandpa and Grandma Robinson when she was expecting my dad. Do you like the flower arrangement Chari? Thanks for the flower holder, I really like it.
Don't you just love the plate? My Mimi Norwood sent it to me when we lost our baby.

And finally the rocking chair and a basket of Cottage Living magazines. I would love to find a wicker chair but the rocker will do for now. Well enough about the room, I sure wish someone would come and visit me and get to stay in it and enjoy it like I do.


Charity said...

Very cute room! My guest bedroom is shabby chic too! :) I think I'll share more house pictures soon. I would love to come stay! (and cute flower arrangement and holder! I'm glad you are able to use it!)

Jennifer Truitt said...

Hey Melissa,
Your room looks so peaceful and inviting! I love the style. It looks like a good place to curl up and read a good book! Wish I could come and visit. You do a great ob of decorating!

Candles said...

I'm packing my bags now! ;)

Charity said...

Me again!!

I tagged you! See my blog to find out why! :)