Tuesday, April 1, 2008

All in a days work

Some days I feel like I have been through a tornado and hurricane all rolled into one. Today Payton was her usual whirlwind self, seeing what she could get into and then apologizing if she got caught. This morning I told her to come to me, well she ran away instead so I scolded her and told her that when I call she is supposed to come. Later I heard her playing and she was telling the toys "when I say come you better come, you hear me." I guess she was listening to me.

I think she is going to be a reader. I found her "reading" the comic paper. Well at least she found something interesting.
Here is the "bad weather" part of the day. She was very quietly reading book or so I thought and I guess she was, but she needed to get them all off the shelves in order to find the right one. OH Well I really do love her but some days she makes for a very long day. And to make the day even more eventful me little darling threw her plate of food on the floor. After getting in trouble I told her I was going to have to tell her mom, she very pitifully said "please don't tell my mommy." What a day, well I guess I better go rest up for tomorrow, when it will began all over again.


Charity said...

Oh, how fun! :) I know she keeps you busy!
It was fun seeing some of your books though! Hank, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and the old Golden Books - I love the pictures in "We Help Daddy!" :) (Can you guess I love children's books?) hehehehe

Rusty said...

I love her so much. Give her kisses from Junie. Remember that before you blink she will be all grown up. Matt had to put some things in the attic and just had to dig thru his books and get out "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball" so Rebekah could read it.

Michelle said...

I love it. But what your mom says is so true, they are grown before you know it. Reminds me of a time when I had to punish Heidi, I guess she was about 2 1/2-3 and I told her she was going to have to sit in the corner for 10 minutes. So after putting her in the corner I left the room so has not to distract her, well I walked back in and she was sound asleep with her little hand just hanging to the side. I felt sooo bad, I almost cried but then I ran for the camera....memories! Have a good day from South Louisiana.

Brittany said...

Looks just like our house! Except in our house the Calvin and Hobbes are up on the top shelf away from chubby little paws ;)