Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Outdoor work

Well I finally got my birthday present from my husband. He kept telling me that I was really going to like it but the store did not have them in yet. Yesterday I finally got him to tell me what is was a garden cart, well I went right to town and the store had one in so needless to say I bought it. I also went and bought flowers and came right home and put the cart to work. I am really going to love having this handy thing around, Thank you Eric, I love you.
Here are some of the flowers I planted. I am so glad that it is nice weather, I can finally get some much needed yard work done. Like mow the grass this week. :)


Rusty said...

How sweet!!! Eric you Rock! I love the cart. Your flowers look so good. I wish I could find some of the spiky grass. No one around here has it.

Matt said...

You got it dirty!!!!

Charity said...

I love the flower pot arrangements you put together! Do we get an update once they have grown? :) Great garden cart too!