Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The goings on...

Well not much has been happening in the great Midwest since the last time I updated my wonderful fan club. Sunday was our foreign missions tour and so we had a potluck after church, that make it real nice not having to fix a whole meal but come Monday it's not so fun when you remember you don't have leftovers for your husbands lunch.
Anyway I thought I would tell you about a blog my mom told me about. It is a decorating blog with so very neat ideas and links. It is a holiness woman's blog, she is also the editor of "Ladies Companion" a holiness paper for ladies. It is a very good paper recipes, decorating tips and spiritual articles. I highly recommend the paper. Well enough of my rambling here is the link. Until next time!

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Charity said...

Thanks for the blog link. It looks interesting! Hope you are having a good week!