Monday, May 6, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

I have no great post for you today just a fun random list of fun things, important milestones and more from the past week and things that will happen this week.

1.  Great inlaws who kept my three kids for three day while I was sick. 
2.   Medicine to make me feel better.
3.   The twins are growing and developing right on schedule(you would never know they were 6 weeks early)
4.  Blake weighs 13lbs 3 1/2oz,   Brenna weighs 13lbs 1/2oz
5.  Blake rolled over this weeks.
6.  Brenna rolled over two weeks ago.
7.  My parents are coming tomorrow!
8.  My husband makes great kettle corn.
9.  Four year olds that say funny things, just make everyday better.
10.  Painting , organizing and setting up a playroom for Piper.
11.  Drinking morning coffee with my Mom and Dad.
12.  Grocery shopping with three kids and my husband,  one buggy for food and one for the kids.  That is how we roll!
13.  Last minute cleaning before the parents get here.   Better get this post done and get to it.  :)
14.  Beautiful Spring weather Finally!
15.  Fun dance parties with my Piper,  I love that girl.
   Well I hope each one of you have a great week.   I know we will!

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The Dickinsons said...

Melissa, How FUN to get your comment today on my blog.

I enjoyed reading this post of yours. So GLAD you are feeling better and your twins are doing great. They are ADORABLE. Can't believe they are so big now. =)

I would LOVE to meet you. I just updated our schedule on the side of my blog. I'm not sure where you live, but we will be in IL and MO for about a week. So, check out our schedule and I'd LOVE IT if we were close enough for you to come to one of our services. Or, if you think we'd be driving near to y'all getting to one of our destinations, we'd love to stop and go out for a quick Ice cream or something together, so that we could meet y'all. =) Just let me know if you think it would work out. =)
Have a GREAT day in Jesus!