Friday, May 3, 2013

Fantastic Friday

Good morning and Fantastic Friday to all of you.   It really is a good day for me since I am finally feeling better,  as you can tell I totally missed Wednesdays post.   I did not even realize it was Wednesday and I should have had a post until is was way too late and I did not even care.   So hope you all will forgive me for being human. :)
   As you all know Mother's Day is fast approaching and I am in need of some fun and easy craft ideas to use for my Bible Club.   If any of you have a cute project you have made  or a link to something you think I might be able to use please let me know.  I think this sickness has fried my brain and I am drawing a blank when it comes to ideas.  
   I hope all of you have a Fantastic Friday and a wonderful fun filled weekend.

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Charity said...

So glad you're doing better!! Being sick is NO fun!! I'm not too sure about the crafty ideas. That is the hardest part for me with kids work - coming up with fun, neat, and CHEAP crafts! (Especially as our kids are getting a bit older and like more sophisticated crafts.) I do have a "crafts for kids" pinboard! Maybe something there would help? ;)