Thursday, May 23, 2013

Forgotten post ~ Piper is 4

Back in January amidst the craziness of the twins being in the hospital my big girl turned 4.   I just realized I never posted any pictures of her party.  We came home for a couple of day from the hospital and had a little party with her NeeNee, Nana and Grandpa.   And of course since she is a princess is was Cinderella theme.

 The table set for a princess
 So excited she got her princess bike
 And she is off
 This huge four was on the wall at the hospital, it was to tell you what floor you were on.  We passed is everyday going to our room and decided it made a great photo prop.
Opening present on her actual birthday in Brenna's room at the hospital.   Amid the craziness she did have a great birthday.   I love you Piper J,  you are a beautiful princess.


RicKaren said...

Love the huge four picture! So cute!

June Robinson said...

It was so much fun to help her celebrate. I loved it when she wanted to take cupcakes to the nurses on the floor.

Charity said...

What a precious four year old!! Such a sweetie! Glad she had a good birthday!