Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NeeNee and Piper

It was wonderful to have my Mom with us for two weeks while I recovered from having four wisdom teeth removed. It took a lot longer for me to recover than I thought it would, Mom took care of everything for me. She said "she had forgotten what it was like to try to cook and look after a 2yr old at the same time", you really need four arms. Thank you Mom, you are the greatest.

Piper loves her NeeNee and can't wait to see her again. But next time you come please bring Grumpy.


Charity said...

So cute!! It looks like they had a blast together! Hope you're feeling much better finally! Sorry it was rough for you. Hugs!

Brittany said...

Sorry you had a rough time, but so glad NeeNee was able to be there to help out!! I think it took me longer to get over wisdom teeth surgery than it did to get over 2 c-sections ;) All 4 of my wisdom teeth were impacted into the bone, then we had issues with stitches, and swelling.... don't want to ever have to do that again! It was misery. At least now you can be glad to have it all over with!

June Robinson said...

Please send my little girl to see me. I am very lonesome for her hugs.