Friday, April 15, 2011

Fishished Object Friday...The chair

Wow, I finally have finished object. I have to many objects I want to have finished but never seem to get them done, they are all so cute in my mind. Anyway back to my chair, I am borrowing a desk and chair from my Mother inlaw ( it was her mothers) and as you can tell the chair was not too beautiful or comfy, so I helped it out a little. I would love to paint it but this will have to do for now.
I removed the seat and covered it with about four layers of quilt batting (so my seat would be comfy on this seat) and them I measured out how much fabric I needed to cover all that puffiness. I then tried my hand at iron on vinyl, I believe I am going to like it. Now juice spills, sticky sucker, snotty noses, etc, etc can be wiped off.
So there you have it folks and easy chair redo, now if I can find my scrapbook desk under all the piles of "craft stuff", I will try out new chair. I am joining Chari at the Chari Tree for Finished Object Friday, go on over and see the chair she finished this week.


Charity said...

Very cute!! I love chairs! This is a cute one - love the fabric! Iron on vinyl, huh? Now THAT would come in handy! :)

Brittany said...

Looks great, Melissa! And now you've got me wanting to try some of that iron on vinyl! Wish I'd known about that a long time ago ;)