Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life with a 2 year old.

Fish food anyone? Piper and Keagan were playing in the kitchen(getting along real good) and then I hear "Uh-oh, yucky, spill fish food". You never know what two 2 year olds are going to get into, at least they did not try to feed the fish.

Looking at the fish(before the accident).

I heard Piper yelling "Help me" and when I found her she was behind the love seat, I still don't know how she got there. Silly girl!

Filling Daddy's shoes is a big job.
Loving the beautiful spring weather, picnics at the shop, driving her car and swinging.


June Robinson said...

Poor Piper and Keegan. Did they get in bad trouble for doing that? SHe didn't act like she was very sorry.

Melissa said...

Yes, they got in trouble but I don't think they were really sorry. I believe they thought it was funny.

Brittany said...

Two year olds do make tons of extra work for the mommy, but I gotta admit it's a fun age - they're SO entertaining!! Looks like you get lots of entertainment ;)