Friday, December 17, 2010

Finished Object Friday

I finally have a finished object, Hooray for me. I had a great fun making this felt flower hair clip for Miss Piper. I cut out flowers in two sizes with my Cricut machine and used them for a template to cut the felt, free handed the leaf, attached a button and Ta-Da! So easy and so cute. Now to get a picture of it in her hair.
For more cute Finished Objects go over to the Chari Tree and see the cuteness she made recently.


Andrea said...

It turned out great! I never thought to use felt in my Cricut - any tips you'd like to share? does it cut the felt as easily/good as paper?

Melissa said...

Sorry Andrea, I guess I did not make myself clear. I just cut out the flower shapes on paper with the cricut and then used a dab of glue to hold them on the felt while I cut it out with scissors. I did try putting the felt through the machine but the blade doesn't go quite deep enough.

Charity said...

Does Piper like them? :) I'll bet she'll look cute in them! I'm loving the felt flowers!