Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Day 2

Miss Payton hard at work on snowflakes.
I have added Mclinky to the sidebar, if you would like to add your link feel free. We would all love to keep up on your "Days of Christmas."


June Robinson said...
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June Robinson said...

Cute! I remember when you and Matt spent hours doing this. Somehow Dave Jr's always were better.

Charity said...

Very cute!! I like the "matching" song in the sidebar as well. :)

No picture for me today... I'm still struggling to get my Christmas up, it's been one thing after another! (It's almost amusing actually...but not quite.) :)

Brittany said...

Dave Jr made snowflakes? I learn something new every day :) Cute pic! (BTW, I love your tablecloth - so cheery!) I'm just dying to join in on the Days of Christmas...but this is one wild year! I'll just enjoy yours when I take my little breaks :)

Melissa said...

go ahead and join in, it does not have to be a Christmas photo just something from your day. David makes the best snowflakes, he needs to show you sometime.
Chari, I am trying to match the song with the picture. I may run out of ideas but I will try.