Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun...

I have been having such a great time here in Louisiana with my family that I have badly neglected my blog. I am not really sorry though, we have been enjoying every minute here. Here are a few pictures of the some of the things we have been doing this past week.
We had a fish fry at Uncle Steve & Aunt Cheryl Robinson's house, it was great. It is so fun to be with all my family, we have such a great time together.
Modge is having a blast loving on Piper, neither one is going to know what to do when we leave.

Matt graduated from LSUS on Sunday afternoon, that was the highlight of my trip. I am so proud of my little brother, he got the brains of the family. This is Matt and his girlfriend Beka, who also graduated from LSUS in December.

Saturday evening we had a party to honor Matt, everyone had a great time eating BBQ and visiting.

Here is Miss Piper holding her first balloons, she wasn't very interested. We have been having a great time and I will try to do better with my posting. We have more exciting things planned for my last few days here, I will try to post some more of our visit later.

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June Robinson said...

Wish you were still here. I miss my little precious Piper. Thanks for coming, we loved having you.