Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vacation Pictures

Well I am finally getting around to posting a few pictures of our vacation. My brother drove up on Monday (to bring a car to my Uncle) and while he was here he so willingly painted our basement steps for us. Thanks Matt, they look great! The next morning found the three of us nicely squished into the Sunfire heading for Louisiana.
We had a pretty good trip down. Matt and Eric did complain about how many pit stops I had to make but all in all it was a nice trip.
Matt "cheese'n" for the camera.
Some flooding along the way.
Quiet Baby sleeping! HA
Poor Eric, working on his vacation. But the yard sure did
look better when he got done.

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Rusty said...

Poor Eric, nothing! He was the one that wanted to mow. He took my job away, but I got to do it this week. Sure miss you all. Thanks for coming to see me.