Saturday, May 3, 2008

Photo shoot

I decided to have some fun the other day, so I took Payton outside for a few pictures. I put a little dress on her and put a big bow in her hair, what a doll. Anyway here are a few of the pictures I took, it is hard to get her to smile for the camera without making a big Cheesy grin.
I just love this one, she was "reading" the book out loud. She had to finish the book before I could pose her another way.
What are you thinking sweet little one?
This flower "pells" good. Her was of saying smell.
Picking some "pretty" flowers.
No smile but I thought it was a cute shot anyway.
I think I will try to make something for her mom for Mother's Day with some of the pictures.
Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Charity said...

What a cute idea for a Mother's Day gift! Little girls are so precious in little white dresses. Love the photography!

Michelle said...

Payton is a doll and that would be a wonderful Mother's Day gift. I can tell you enjoy her so much.

Candles said...

Great pics!! I love them!