Monday, May 26, 2008

All American Girl

Here are a couple photos of baby Jordynn, she is a cute little girl and is very good most of the time. But as you can tell in the picture she did not like her bath. We sure enjoyed having her here for a few days and her Mommy and Daddy too.

When they got here Friday night Dustin gave her to Eric, who of course acted like he had never held a baby before.(it's good practice) But as you can see from the contented look on her face he has a pretty comfortable chest.(I'll agree with her)
Well I hope all of you had a good Memorial Day, we went to our church picnic and then this evening we are having supper with Merlin and Kim. We have had a very good day so far. Hope you are having fun Mom and Dad. Take lots of pictures and find me a good souvenir. Aye Aye Captain.


Jennifer said...

I sure have a sweet little niece. I'm glad you guys had fun.
See ya, Jenny

Rusty said...

Hey Sis!
We are having a blast. The weather is fantastic and the scenery is gorgeous. I love the pics of Jordy! She looks so sweet. I know you had fun with her. Can't wait to hear about baby Keegan. I hope Payton will enjoy her baby brother.