Saturday, December 14, 2013

Capturing December ~ Day's 14

 Saturday we visited the University of Iowa Hospital (where the twins were born and stayed in NICU).   At the twins birthday party we had recently we asked the guest to not bring a gift, instead bring a new children's book to be donated to the hospital library.  During our stay we visited the library and Piper was given a book and also picked one to take for the twins.   We were so grateful for all the wonderful care we received during our stay we decided to start a new tradition and do something for the hospital/NICU every Christmas.
We also bought gift cards from the hospital coffee shop(kinda of like Starbucks) and gave them to the head nurse in the NICU,  to give them out as she sees need.   We received some on Christmas day from some family who had been there before also,  it was a special gift.    We hope to teach our children about giving to others and not just about receiving.  
     In the photo's the above we are on the skywalk looking at the construction of the new children's hospital.

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