Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Small Wonders Wednesday

As mentioned in my previous post we have been enjoying s'mores this summer.   Well that is thanks to a handy-dandy fire pot I learned how to make on Pinterest( where else do we find ideas).    We have talked about a fire pit and looked at them but we always talk ourselves out of one.    I ran across this idea on pinterest and knew this was the solution to our problems.   
 The idea I found was for table top fire pots,  I used the same idea only on a larger scale.   I took a terracotta flower pot I had, lined it with heavy duty foil added match light charcoal and Ta-Da a fire pot.   The nice thing was all I had to buy was the charcoal and it was on sale and had fuel saver discounts(Hy-Vee perks),  so it was a very cheap and easy project.    I do not have a great picture of it but I think you get the idea,  so nice when you don't want to spend a lot of money.    I am thinking about trying to find a bigger pot and see what would happen if you burned small pieces of wood in it,  so it would give off a little more heat.  This one is great for roasting things but it would be nice to have a little heat for some of our cool Iowa nights.   Well hoped you enjoyed seeing my little project,  I would love to know if you have been making any fun this summer.

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