Monday, July 8, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

We are having so much fun this summer,  hanging out on our front porch and back patio, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, blowing bubbles, doing sparklers and hoping to get the pool set up tomorrow.   Last summer I was pregnant with the twins and was so sick summer is just a blur, so I am living it up with my little family this year and so far we are having a fabulous time.
 I know I am partial but I think these three are pretty cute.
 This little girl is loving summertime, her skin is getting darker and the hair is getting lighter.
 Me and my love.   Taken by Piper,  thought is was pretty good seems how it was taken by a four year old. 
S'mores what a yummy summer treat.   Check back Wednesday to see a new diy project.    


RicKaren said...

Looks like you are really enjoying your summer! We are too! I am loving all your blogging too! It insires me--and yes, those 3 are the cutest (at least the cutest your side of the Idaho border!) =))

Brittany said...

Love your pics - looks like you're having a fun summer! We're loving our summertime, too =)