Monday, June 20, 2011

Sand, Sewing and More.

Piper has enjoyed her sand table I found at the Goodwill, it is great entertainment for a great price.
Already to go ride on the open tractor with Grandpa, she is such a farmgirl.
I think she has been watching Mommy too much, she was trying to sew her own "Fancy Nancy" pillowcase. I better hurry and get it made for her before she does it herself.
I think we need to get a basket for the poor kittens to ride in, over the handle bars does not look to comfy. Well summer is in full swing here and we are enjoying it, swimming lessons, vacation coming up, the county fair this week and so much more. Check back soon for more post of the fun things we are doing.


Charity said...

Cute pictures! Love the picture of her sewing!! Is she going to take up knitting next?? :)

Brittany said...

Ok, that last pic has to be the cutest. Pic. Ever. It made me laugh right out loud! There's just nothing sweeter than kids with kittens.

June Robinson said...

NeeNee loves her little girl. So glad she is learning to sew at such a young age. lol