Monday, June 27, 2011

Fair Fun

This last week we ventured out to the fair several times, we had a great time visiting with friends, eating corndogs and funnels cakes and of course seeing the animals.
Piper was "dressed" and ready to go, wearing a shirt she won at the fair and her cowboy boots that used to be Paytons.
Piper and some little guy tearing it up on the dance floor. This little boy came over and asked her if she wanted to dance and of course she did.
Miss Piper and our friend Sabrina on top of the sawdust pile. We are planning on an other good week, my sister inlaw and little boy are coming to town, tractor pull Saturday, 4th of July and vacation next week, can you tell we love summer?


June Robinson said...

Love them all! Sabrina looks so happy. So glad she found a good guy.

Jennifer said...

I love the kitten and boots picture. She is so cute.