Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Modgies Visit

We had an absolutely wonderful time with my Mom here. Miss Piper loves her Modge very much and sure misses her. The weather cooperated and we had several very pretty days, we were able to take Miss Piper outside and let her play.
I think she was getting a little sleepy, she walked almost all the way around the town square. That's a lot of "little" steps.
Here she is in the cute jumper and t-shirt Aunt Adonna got her for a get well gift.
Looking very cute despite the discolored eye. Someone needed to teach her how to apply her makeup.

Kick back and relax.


Modge and her sweetheart.

Enjoying her swing. Don't you love the boots.
Thank You Mom for coming, we sure loved having you and hope you come again and bring Grumpy.


Charity said...

Piper is such a cutie - even with a "black eye!" I love all her springy outfits. She's really stylin' in those red shoes! Hugs!!

Brittany said...

She's just too sweet in those red shoes :) Glad her eye's doing well.