Monday, March 22, 2010

Curly Top or not...

Grumpy, here are a few pictures of your Miss Piper, sorry you did not approve of the bedroom post. I will try to post more pictures of your little sweety.
I decided to try curling Pipers hair on Saturday, good thing I did not try if for Sunday. Well she did was pretty good letting me put the rollers in but seventeen rollers on a little head of hair is a little much.
The end result: I think she looks like one of those old ladies with a perm that is rolled tight against their head.
Needless to say we will just be curling the ends for a while. She looked a little strange.
Couldn't resist throwing this pic on here, we all wore black and white to church yesterday. I sure love my little family.


Grumpy said...

I think you better leave the curlers alone! She looks like and 80 year old midget that forgot to dye her hair blue!

RicKaren said...

LOL I did that to Kayla when she was about that age. (She is 11 now). Very, very cute family picture!!!

Charity said...

Cute, cute pictures! So funny about the curls. :) Piper's eye is looking really good - healing up fast!

Brittany said...

So funny about the curlers :) When Carson was that age, he had the most beautiful natural curls, we always said that if we had a girl, her hair would be straight as a board :) So many people said, "oh, he'd make the cutest little girl!"
Cute family pic, too!