Thursday, September 24, 2009

Railing redo...

I am so in love with my new stair railing! Would you just look at that old wrought iron railing that was in here, UGLY and the lattice work did not improve the looks any. The lattice was for my sanity not beauty, Keagan went under the railing one day and was just barely holding on with his little hands and head. Don't worry he did not fall thanks to his sister who noticed him. Eric came right home and put up the lattice so I would not lose my mind.
We finally got the materials to put up a nice (safe) railing, the carpenters came about 7:30am today and had it all done by 11:45am they are great.
Here is the new and improved railing, don't you think I have a right to be in love with it?


Charity said...

It looks great! Are you going to paint it or stain it?

June Robinson said...

I like it. Guess who will be painting it when I get there? hmmmm?