Monday, July 6, 2009

Our July 4th...

We had a quiet July 4th, it was cool and rainy. Not what we really had in mind for our holiday. Eric's Dad and cousin Aaron Blauvelt came over for lunch, Eric's Mom was out of town. Miss Piper seemed to enjoy her first 4th, of course in Grandpa's arms in a very fun place to be.
My sweetheart grilled some brats and hotdogs for us, they were yummy!
Piper tried watermelon for the first time, she really enjoyed sucking the juice out.
Taking a little nap so she would be rested up for the fireworks. She acted like she enjoyed the fireworks, they did not scare her a bit.
I just had to try out the firework setting on my camera, sure wish I would have gotten some better shots. Oh well I guess I will try again later. Hope each one of you had a great holiday weekend.


Charity said...

Looks like fun! I just have to ask... does the formula add to the flavor of the hot dogs?? :)

June Robinson said...

She's so precious. Don't let Grandpa Merlin still all her kisses.

Melissa said...

Oh yeah, haven't you ever used formula on your hot dogs? She decided there was too much going on to eat, it is more fun to watch Dad grill.