Friday, February 20, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I can't believe it my baby is already three weeks old, how time flies when you having fun. She has grown so much in three weeks, she is staying awake for longer periods of time and she went up a diaper size. I am so thankful to have a good baby, she is hardly ever fussy and for that Mommy is glad. I have started a scrapbook for her, I have three pages done so far, just hope I can keep up with it and not get too far behind. I will post pictures of that at a later date.
This is the bassinet she sleeps and "plays" in in the office/scraproom while
Mommy tries to get some pages done.
I love this jumper. Thank You Sonia, she looks so cute in it.

This is for Unk Matt, he got this for her. She is going to be a little Tiger fan.

So Pretty in the gown that Aunt Adonna got me. Thank You Aunt Adonna.
Well I better go and get somethings done around the house before she wakes up.


Jackie said...

Oh, the jumper is so cute on her! I'm so glad you like it! She's so precious in pink! :)


Charity said...

Is that a little princess in pink that I see?? :P She is getting big!

Gillian Davis said...

aww...she looks like she is a sweetie! I saw your mom yesterday, and she was doing what all adoring grandmas do - showing pictures to anyone who cared to look! She's definitely proud of her! :-)

June Robinson said...

Love my precious Piper. Geaux Tigers! Looks like she needs to grow into the outfit!

Jennifer Truitt said...

I love her little elf ear from your last post!! Andrea's right ear is exactly the same shape and we have always called it her little elf ear! One day her ear was hurting and she told us it was that elf in there that was making it hurt!